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Properly Maintaining Your Asphalt

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1   Seal coating. This procedure will protect against oxidation and spills while making the asphalt look attractive. This application should be applied at least every 3 years or more frequently. If applied at proper intervals, seal coating will prolong the life of pavement indefinitely at only a fraction of the total replacement cost.

2   Crack Sealing. Cracks are usually caused by either a failure of the base, water damage or excessive weight on the pavement surface. Crack sealing provides a waterproof bond and is rubberized to give support while the pavement expands and contracts in changing temperatures. Cracks that go unsealed will continue to allow water into the base structure, causing severe damage to the pavement as the base deteriorates. 

3   Patching. If significant deterioration has taken place, removal and replacement of certain areas may be possible. If excessive ground water or poor soil conditions have aggravated the problem, corrections should be performed before applying the patch.

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